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 Vegetarian Main Course
New dishes (all fresh quality vegetables)
Mixed Vegetable Jalfrezi hot 0
Mixed Vegetable Korma 0
Mixed Vegetable Dhansak 0
Mixed Vegetable Bhoona 0
Mixed Vegetable Balti 0
Mushroom Balti 0
Saag Aloo Balti (spinach & potato 0
Cauliflower & Mushroom Balti 0
Chana Aloo Balti 0
Bhindi Bhoona 0
Brinjal Bhoona 0
Cauliflower & Peas Bhoona 0
Tarka Dhall Curry 0
Vegetable Biryani (served with vegetable curry) 0
Mushroom Biryani (served with vegetable curry) 0
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