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 Tandoori Dishes
BBQ  Dry. Served with green salad and mint sause
Tandoori Chicken (half) 0
Chicken Tikka 0
Tandoori Lamb 0
Tandoori Special 0
Tandoori Salmon 0
Tandoori King Prawn 0
Chicken Shashlick 0
Shabagh Special Tandoori Mix 0
 Tandoori Special Dishes
Tandoori Chicken or Tikka Curry 0
Lamb tikka Curry 0
Tandoori King Prawn Curry 0
Tandoori Golden Chicken or Tikka Curry 0
Tandoori Butter Lamb (mild) 0
Tandoori Butter Chicken or  Tikka (mild) 0
 Tandoori Massala
Cooked with minced meat, butter onion, tomatoes. almond powder, cream, herbs and medium spices (Rice not included)
Chicken Tikka Massala 0
Lamb Tikka Massala 0
Tandoori Chicken Massal 0
Tandoori King Prawn Massala 0
Madras Chicken Tikka Massal (Hot) 0
 Tandoori Pasanda Dishes
Cooked with Capsicum, cream, almond powder, herbs and spices Mild
Chicken Tikka Pasanda 0
Lamb Tikka Pasanda 0
Tandoori King Prawn Pasanda 0
Tandoori special Pasanda 0
 Tandoori Chat Massal
Mouth watering dish, totally new ,cooked with a touch of chat massala with tomato, cucumber and various chat spices
Chicken Tikka Chat Massala 0
Lamb Tikka Chat Massal 0
Tandoori King Prawn Chat Massal 0
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