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Shabagh Special Dishes
All dishes below served with pilau rice & cooked with tandoori spices and fresh herbs.
Can be cooked to any strength
Chicken or Lamb Achari 0
These dishes are cooked with home made spices including Achari (mixed pickles) and fresh herbs (medium)
Sylheti Hash (Duck) 0
Duckling cooked with onions, tomatoes mixed spices and fresh herbs (medium)
Chicken Mishor 0
This dish is copied professionally from an Egyptian dish but it is cooked in an Indian style. Cooked with crushed red chilli,coriander and fresh spices.(S.Hot)
Salmon Biran 0
Salmon fillet marinated with fresh spices and herbs, shallow fried served with bombay potatoes. (medium)
Tandoori Chingri Puri 0
King prawns marinated with fresh spices and herbs. barbecued in aclay oven, served with Brinjal (aubergine) Bhajee. (medium)
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Chilli Massala 0
Cooked with fresh chilli sauce. (Hot)
Murghi Massala 0
Half tandoorichicken cooked with minced meat and boil egg. on or off the bone
Tandoori Special Bhoona 0
.Tandoori king prawn, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken and lamb tikka . spicy (medium)
Chicken tikka Badam 0
mild flaked almond, cream, coconut and spices (mild)
Fozil Chicken 0
Cooked with mango,almond,coconut,sugar,cream and fresh spices. Very Mild
Tandoori chef's special Saag Paneer Massala 0
Tandoori king prawn, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, spinach. cheddar cheese & tandoori spices. (medium)
Chicken or lamb shaslik Bhoona Massal 0
Chicken or lamb cooked with green pepper, onoin, tomato and tandoori spices. (medium)
Chicken Chom Chom Bhuna 0
BBQ chicken stuffed with minced meat, cooked with onions, tomatoes and fresh herbs. (medium)
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