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 Balti Special Dishes
The method of cooking applied in a cast iron dish which enhances the exotic flavours. these dishes are cooked with tomato, capsicum, special herbs and fresh spice. Medium
Balti Chicken   0
Balti Lamb or Prawn   0
Balti King Prawn   0
Balti Salmon   0
Balti Chicken Tikka   0
Balti Tandoori Chicken   0
Balti Lamb Tikka   0
Balti Tandoori King Prawn   0
Balti Tandoori Mixed Special   0
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken & tandoori king prawn
Mixed Special   0
Balti chicken & Lamb   0
Balti chicken & King Prawn   0
Balti chicken & prawn   0
Balti chicken & Saag   0
Saag or Mushroom
Bhalti chicken tikka bhoona massala   0
Balti tandoori chicken bhoona massal   0
Balti tandoori king prawn bhoona massal   0
Balti tandoori lamb bhoona massal   0
Balti tandoori mixed bhoona massal   0
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